Government of Maharashtra

Government College of Education, Nanded.

Psychology Laboratory

The following are the items available in the Psychology Laboratory.

Sr. No. Name of the Article/Item No. of Article/Item
01 Asthesiometer Caliper 2 ft. One
02 Wt.Diseremination box 12 wt. One
03 Wt.Diseremination box 22 wt One
04 Perimeter Table One
05 Rating/Ranking Scale Two
06 Finger Mage Electronic Two
07 Stop Watch Electronic One
08 Normal Pronimetory One
09 General Mental Ability Test 8-12 years One
10 General Mental Ability Test Adult One
11 Group test of Intelligence One
12 Indian Adaptation of Binet-Simon One
13 Archievement Motivation Test One
14 Problem Solving Ability Test One
15 Achievemnt of Maths One
16 Personality Adjustment Inventory One
17 Depression Inventory One
18 Self Analysis Test One
19 T.A.T One
20 Job Satisfaction Scale One
21 Job Satisfaction Scale-Teacher One
22 Teaching Aptitude Test One
23 Tachistoscope Meaningful and Non-meaningful word One
24 Group Test of Intelligence One
25 Verbal Test of Intelligence One
26 Non-Verbal Test of Intelligence One
27 Mathematical Achievement Test One